Fran Wickes confronts the choices Print
Thursday, 02 June 2016 00:00

Life was so much simpler in the old days! Now we have so much choice that even the simple things of life are complex.

When I was a child when it came to the matter of bread, it was either white or brown with an occasional treat when Hovis bread was available. This had a secret ingredient that gave it a nutty/malty flavour to die for.

Today I am overwhelmed by the choices on offer. Still white or brown but added in is multigrain, wholegrain, linseed, soy, ciabatta, Turkish, flat bread to name just a few.

There is a similar situati on when it comes to milk. Again when I was a child , the cows ambled up the villa ge street to the farm, morning and evening, for milking. Shortly after this the farmer's lad would come down the street on his bicycle with a churn of milk fresh from the cow strapped under t he crossbar on the bike. Wives and mothers wo uld appear carrying their jugs and have the milk ladled in from the churn. It was delicious! Now of course, we are not allowed such luxury.

The milk has to be sterilised, homogenised with perm eate taken out or put back in, and the range of milks is truly amazing. Full cream, fat free, skinny, longlife and that is only the cow’s milk. Then there is soy milk, almond milk, ric e milk, oat milk, coconut milk and who know what is to come!

Coffee is little better. It used to be served either black or white, now it can be long black, short black, flat white, cappuccino, skinny anything, latte, mocha. Need I go on. Tea is also on the expansion bandwagon, black, white, green, breakfast, Earl Grey, chamomile , lemon and ginger , and a host more fruity models.

My tiny mind is looking towards the future, speculating on which commodity might be in line for major expansion next. If I knew that I might invest and profit from the proliferation.