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Wednesday, 02 July 2014 23:25

In May we had a very interesting presentation about Argentina given by Chris Marshall. Argentina has a very varied geography from Mount Aconcagua in the high Andes to the grasslands of the Pampas and the semi-desert plateaux of Patagonia. It has a very complicated history with large numbers of migrants overwhelming the sparse indigenous peoples.

The largest numbers were from Spain but there are significant numbers from Italy, Germany and other European countries. Now the population is around 41 million, somewhat less than double Australia's population. It is still claiming the Falkland Islands (known as Islas Malvinas). The economy is largely agricultural with major exports of beef, maize, wheat and soy. The largest dinosaur which ever existed has been found in Patagonia, equal in size to 14 elephants.

The next session will be at Lorna's house on Friday, July 4 at 3pm.It will be about Ghana in West Africa and will be presented by Anne Taylor.