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Thursday, 01 May 2014 09:00

The cost of sending a standard letter rose from 60cents to 70cents on 31 March. However, some 5.7 million people will be exempt form the increase and will be able to continue to pay 60cents by setting up a MyPost concession account. To qualify for this reduced rate, you need to hold a concession card issued by the Federal Government, such as a Pensioner Concession Card. Application forms are available at any Post Office (or online: Once your application is accepted, you will receive in the post a free booklet of five stamps and a MyPost concession card which you will need to show for future purchases - of up to 50 stamps a year.

The price increase of more than 16% means that we shall have to distribute as many copies as possible of the Newsletter by email. It will in future be sent out in pdf format which can be opened on iPads and other tablets.