Bits & Pieces

19 January 2017

Christmas Lunch

Many thanks to everyone i nvolved in the organisation of our Christmas lunch at Oaks Elan last December – it was a great success, as usual, and the new venue proved a popular choice. Gayle Carroll’s traditional quiz sorely tested our knowledge; her questions seem to get more fiendish every year. Congratulations to the… Read More...

19 January 2017

Don’t get caught out

At the end of last year, Australia Post announced that certain charges were being ‘adjusted’. For most users, the most significant change was the increase in the price of sending a letter overseas – the second price hike in two years. It now costs $2.95 to send a standard letter to most overseas destinations. By way… Read More...

19 January 2017

Midday napping vindicated

Research undertaken by Dr Manolis Kallistratos at the Asklepieion Voula Hospital in Athens on middle - aged patients with hypertension has confirmed what most of us had long suspected: a regular midday snooze helps to lower blood pressure and ward off heart attacks and strokes.

After adjustments were made for other…

19 January 2017

Did you notice it?

A ‘leap second’ was added to the last minute of 2016 to take account of the fact that the Earth is spinning slightly slower with each passing year, and in order to keep our clocks as accurate as possible, an extra second needs to be added occasionally to ensure that. Prior to the December 2016 adjust ment the latest… Read More...

19 January 2017

Teas at Burnett House

The ever popular National Trust Sunday Teas at Burnett resume on 5 February.